The Invisible Mask

Who would have thought that in the year of 2020, our bare naked face could cause such an outburst. The outburst came from me by the way..... I had enough, and it showed. I remember the day before the mask mandates began. I specifically spoke with the grocery store manager about these mandates. The ordinance … Continue reading The Invisible Mask


Colors and how we as humans perceive them. There are, in this case, 4 groups and each group has... People who can only see in black and white, everything is pretty much gray. People who can see black and white but also yellows reds and blues. The third group can see black, white, yellow, red, … Continue reading Colors

Somewhere in Between

(The Parent Version)  Somewhere in between doing laundry and scrolling on social media things changed. Did I notice then? Was it even noticeable? I think I got signs, but did I push them away, was I in denial? Somewhere in between carpool line selfies and singing to our favorite songs, things changed. Somewhere in between … Continue reading Somewhere in Between

Chaos Brings about Change

Chaos Brings About Change  In a world built on chaos, one must go within to find peace. The problem is, most don’t find peace when they go within. Instead, they find emotions that have been suppressed for years, thoughts that bring back painful emotions, or anxiety of future outcomes and the one that gets people … Continue reading Chaos Brings about Change

What Should We Do?

I get messages almost daily asking the same question... Joanna, what should we do? My answer, is always the same. At a time when most are hearing things that contradict each other, it's hard to know what's Truth and what isn't. Although we live in a time of information, how do we TRULY know which … Continue reading What Should We Do?

How to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration  There are millions of ways, like there are millions of stars, to raise our unique vibrations. The key is, how to recognize what works for us and what doesn't.   We all have a compass inside, guiding us towards what's best. We can communicate with this compass by Feeling the … Continue reading How to Raise Your Vibration

Self Worth

Self worth... Let's picture the child version of ourselves, coming into this world with wonder and imagination, that feeling of taking adventures and spreading love. As we grow we face obstacles without really knowing what they mean or how to handle them, so we blame ourselves for not being able to help solve these problems. … Continue reading Self Worth

Morning Thoughts in The Shower

For the purpose of this making any sense, let's pretend we are computers....   So I'm in the shower, right around that time when we have our eyes closed and thoughts are going in and out just like they do during meditation. That moment where you don't know how you got to this thought but … Continue reading Morning Thoughts in The Shower

Morning Thoughts About Thoughts

You see you are in my thoughts right now literally.... In silence there is nothing but thoughts racing through your mind and you begin to find yourself wandering with these thoughts that then become words but those words which are spoken out loud are then filtered. Because we grow up being told "be careful what … Continue reading Morning Thoughts About Thoughts